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The best burger in Zurich - at the grill restaurant Palavrion!

The time has finally come: Since 18th of February, Rebel Meat can be enjoyed at Palavrion in the heart of Zurich. We are excited to explore the Swiss market and collect feedback from our neighbours to tailor the product to the Swiss palate.

The Palavrion, a grill restaurant of the Mövenpick Group, is the ideal place for our burger patties: the restaurant is dominated by an oversized, open grill on which the burger patties are cooked to perfection in front of the guests.

The patty is served between two golden brown buns with crispy iceberg lettuce, mountain cheese, oven-baked onions, mayonnaise, and BBQ cranberry sauce. So, if you are near Zurich in the period from February 18th to March 14th, there is a new item on your bucket list - the best burger in Zurich!

Palavrion Zürich

Photo: The Palavrion is specialised in Mediterranean grilled cuisine. Photo copyright: Palavrion

KICKSTART facilitates collaborations between

Start-ups and established corporations

Around six months ago, in July 2019, the Swiss start-up accelerator KICKSTART in Zurich entered a new round. Hundreds of start-ups from around the world were divided into six verticals: Cybersecurity, HealthTech, EdTech, Food & Retail Tech, SmartCity and FinTech & Crypto.

20 selected food and retail start-ups were then able to prove themselves in front of a top-class jury made up of industry experts from Coop, Migros, Ricolab, Givaudan and Coca Cola.

Rebel Meat was then invited to the KICKSTART program along with eight other startups (Back of The Yard Algae Sciences, PREMIUM energy, Posidonia, Kaffe Bueno, Planted, SwissDecode, Nice Filler, Heallo) in the Food / Retail Vertical.

The following weeks were characterised by meetings and intensive collaboration. In the grand finale, over 40 collaborations between startups were announced.

Kickstart Accelerator Zürich 2019

Picture: Participants of the KICKSTART Accelerator Zurich 2019. Photo copyright: KICKSTART


About Rebel Meat:

Rebel Meat develops blended, 100% organic meat products without any additives: 50% meat is blended with high-quality mushrooms, millet and spices to create delicious, healthy and eco-friendly meat products. Rebel Meat was founded in Vienna, has been on the market since mid 2019 and sells its products to selected restaurateurs in Vienna and Zurich.

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